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Beautifing when "<script>" exists in code


Nice job for converting the JS to C#.
In genral this works well but i had a problem with using your lib when a JS has "<script>" string inside is.
See an example:
Source JavaScript to beautify:
var srt = '<script>var someData="Ariel";</script>';
Beautify by your lib (added scripts tag):
<script type="text/javascript">
var srt = '<script>var someData="Ariel";';
Beautify by '' (nothing changed):
var srt = '<script>var someData="Ariel";</script>';
I compared the source code inside you lib against '' and found a spcial replacement inside yours which dosn't exist in '':
input = js_source_text.Replace("<script type=\"text/javascript\">", "").Replace("</script>", "");
if (input.Length != js_source_text.Length)
output.AppendLine("<script type=\"text/javascript\">");
add_script_tags = true;
I tried removing it but many exceptions started to popup..
Is there any reason why this block of code was added?
Thank you
Ariel Deil